5 Things To consider On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Bar Hire

5 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Wedding Bar?

What’s a wedding without a cocktail party with friends and some drinks here and there? There are 5 things you need to consider on your wedding day. There’s so much planning that goes into making it grand and when the big day finally comes, you just want to add extravagance to make it special and interesting.

Above all your wedding preparations, one thing that’s crucial is hiring a mobile wedding bar. Which comes with an excellent service from the time of booking through to post-event. Think about it – your mobile wedding bar can literally bring all the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding.

So, here are why mobile wedding bar hire has been so popular and why do you need one at your wedding?

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Hire a Mobile Wedding Bar

Guests Would Love Having It

It may be so easy to overlook what your bar will be serving. After all, it’s the caterer and not the bartender. Nothing wrong with that, but imagine how much nicer would it be to offer the drink that they will remember, served well by people that have a passion for it?

It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

The bar providers offer multiple options, none of which have to be expensive. In fact, despite what you may think, a lot of couples are ready to spend a few hundred pounds behind it to get the party going. Guests are happy to pay for their drinks if they’re getting something good.

Nothing to Worry About

It might be tempting to leave it to your friend next door to take care of the drinks. Much better though to let people that are professional and have a real passion for drinks work with you and cater to an awesome drinks menu that your entire guest will enjoy and remember. They will also take care of other important stuff like licensing.

Guaranteed Solution

With professional mobile wedding bar hire, you don’t have to go into the time-taking formalities such as filling licensing paperwork – we got you covered! We’ll turn up early on your special day, bring our own bars, and buy all the stock, ice, and fruit. Trust us, while the party ends we will leave the place as we haven’t even been there!

Serve the Best Drinks with Mobile Wedding Bar

When it’s your wedding, we go the extra mile to make it special with our service. We would provide everything you would need for you and your guests to be spoiled with awesome drinks including the finest collection of wine, liquors, prosecco, and signature cocktails.

We have our own collection of glassware, ingredients, ice, and cocktail essentials that we are all equipped with. Simply choose the beverage from our menu and we promise our spectacular cocktail-making skills will impress your guests.

Wedding Bar Hire - Wedding Bar Drinks

Bar Brothers Events have years of experience in the industry. We know exactly how to provide you with a sumptuous wedding day you will never forget.

Our wedding mobile bar hire will be your perfect partner for your dream wedding. Get in touch with our team today and let’s pop up the champagne together to celebrate your special day! You nail these things, and your guests will be genuinely impressed!

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