Virtual Cocktail Party

How To Throw The Best Virtual Cocktail Party

The new trends are nowadays Virtual Events, a good Virtual Cocktail Party will make you feel like in the old days. With the lion’s share of the UK working from home, and pubs and restaurants shut down, options for throwing parties are limited. Our team here at Bar Brothers Ltd have been making it our mission to provide friends and family with a bit of fun and delicious cocktails through our virtual cocktail making classes! 

Even if you’re willing to skirt the law and have an in-person event, there’s a good chance that not too many people will feel comfortable attending.

Virtual cocktail parties have become a thing. But without some structure, they can quickly devolve into a screen full of closed eyes and loud snores. That’s why so many businesses and socialites are hiring mixologists to run their cocktail parties, with a wide range of options to keep the party going strong.

Bar Brothers can bring the UK’s top mixologists into a Virtual Experience for friends and coworkers anywhere in the world, creating a memorable experience that yields accolades for years to come.

Virtual Cocktail Party

Virtual Cocktail Masterclasses – The New Big Hit

You’ll be the talk of the town when you offer your friends and colleagues the opportunity to learn how to make cocktails at home.

You don’t have to know anything about technology or cocktails to throw the event of the season for 10, 20, 50, or hundreds of people because the best bartenders in the UK have put together virtual cocktail masterclass packages to fit every budget.

Your honored guests can log into an hour of education and fun that includes a competition among the participants, with chuckles galore.

If your budget is ample, Bar Brothers “Virtual VIP” package will impress even your most jaded guests. This package includes sending a professional, seven pieces cocktail-making kit, to use for the class, and for the parties they throw when the lockdown is over.

For smaller budgets, the “Virtual Bronze” package can be heaps of fun using common utensils from the kitchen and budget-priced ingredients that are widely available. Bar Brothers Events has the best bartenders and the largest range of choices for online cocktail making to ensure that your virtual cocktail party is a great success.

Virtual Cocktail Party

Virtual Cocktail Making Is A Great Way To Celebrate Occasions

So many of our traditions are being challenged during Covid, and online cocktail-making parties are filling the gap. For example, a virtual cocktail-making party is a great alternative to a bachelor or bachelorette party.

It can bring people together that could not be invited to a small socially distanced wedding to celebrate the couple and give toasts. It’s perfect for anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement parties, and other occasions that deserve recognition even if it’s not possible to get together in person.

Bar Brothers Events can make sure that your celebration is enjoyable and memorable with a wide range of packages and options.

How To Enhance The Online Cocktail Making Experience

Your virtual cocktail-making party doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. It can be a TGIF or happy hour event that your friends and colleagues look forward to every week, just like they might in person.

Bar Brothers Events can provide a new virtual cocktail masterclass on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, with seasonal, regional, or other themes. You can also keep it fresh for your guests by suggesting attire or backgrounds for their virtual cocktail making.

Would you dare to suggest a black tie and a ballroom background? How about bathing attire and beach backgrounds? It’s also possible for children and teetotalers to play along with mocktails versions of the drinks that do not contain alcohol. The sky’s the limit and the laughs keep coming when you plan virtual cocktail-making parties on a regular basis.

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