Bartender Skills That Every Bartender Should Have

Are you looking to become a professional bartender and looking to learn bartender skills?

Bartender Skills and Duties

Being a great Bartender it’s not as simple as it’s sounds, the bar industry is continuously evolving and along with it guests’ expectations are evolving as much.

If you think that being a great Bartender is only about making a few drinks, smile, and run a smooth shift behind the bar…..well you wrong.

Learn These Bartender Skills To Start an Enjoyable Career

There is so much more, more than I could explain in writing but there below are some essential skills that could open your mind. Bar Brothers events provide Premium Bar hire for every special occasion and we select and train our staff to learn the best Bartender Skills.

Top 6 Useful Bartender Skills For a Bartender

Knowledge Is Power, Know Your Bar Cocktails List

You don’t necessarily need to know every cocktail existent but study all the classics especially the IBA ones, a good knowledge of the trendy ones is suggested.

However, you should remember the cocktails and the drinks featured on your bar’s cocktail list. This will make you look professional and will gain your guest’s confidence in highlighting your Bartender Skills.

Know Your Regulars Customers

This is absolutely key in every Hospitality business, building regulars to me is always been the number 1 priority. Did you know that at least 80% of the yearly income is generated by 20% of your regulars? hard to believe but it’s a true fact.

Always remember their name, make sure you know what they drink, and have their drink ready as soon they seat at the table without them asking for it, this can only make them loyal to you and very likely to be promoters of your business.

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Be Cool Under Pressure is a #1 Bartendending Skills

Throughout your entire shift you’re expected to remain calm, polite, amiable, and collected, even if you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, or dealing with personal problems.

Remember your facial expression can give the wrong impression to the guests and possibly to your colleagues so no matter what keep smiling, at the end of the day sometimes Bartenders need to be great actors, consider the Bar as your stage.

The Ability to Read People

Different customers require different types of service. As a professional, you need to adapt to every guest, every situation and yes it’s not simple but everyone is different so you cannot deal with a mature woman sitting opposite the reading a book sipping a Strawberry Daiquiri in the same way you dealing with some youngest who are there to have a few shots and have some banter.

The quality to adapt to people is one of the greatest qualities that we should exercise.

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Consistency Is Sure For Bartending

It’s great if you can build, stir, shake a high-quality cocktail. But, can you make the same cocktail 100 times a night for six shifts a week? Consistency is for sure a Bartender Skills and it is what keeps dragging guests into the business.

always measure all ingredients while making a cocktail to deliver the same drink over and over, but if you are using free pouring make sure you test your pour before every shift. A little bit more or a little bit less of that ingredient in the drink can change totally the flavors.

Cleanliness is Imperative

Bartender skills are about giving all guests a great customer experience, which means cleanliness is imperative. If your bar is sticky and smells of stale beer, it’s bad for the reputation of the business.

The “Clean as you go” technique need to be in place at all time and all day long, people will feel safer to visit your business and not your competitor’s. Remember….guests think about you what they think about the business so the business needs to look immaculate from the inside out.

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