Party themes Ideas For Events That Are Mind Blowing

Party Themes Ideas for any Events

Everyone knows that when it comes to planning an event, some party themes ideas are necessary. Nothing brings everything together like a good solid theme. A well-planned and thought-out there is everything a party requires.

A theme brings people in a big bubble of entertainment and excitement, as with a theme people come together in a mutual involvement. A great theme can create the type of buzz that the event requires, as it gets people to discuss the upcoming soirée. When the theme of a party gets out, everyone is electrified with the thought of attending to a night filled with fun and socializing. 

Does not matter what type of event it is, a theme is all it takes, to take a party to a whole new level with glitz and glamour and just plain old entertainment. Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding reception, launch party, or any kind of celebratory event. Here are some rocking theme ideas for your next glamorous bash, that will surely make a night to remember. Here at Bar Brothers, we can be providing you with the best party catering and bar hire services in the country, keep reading to find out more about party theme ideas. 

 Neon Fireflies

Party Themes Ideas – A Classic If You Love Colors

Party Themes Ideas

Everyone loves bright colors and when they glow makes it all the better. Neon-colored themes are mostly reserved for musical events but are now making their way as themes for other parties. With different glow-in-the-dark colors, bright hue designs, and guests covered in neon paint, there won’t be a dull moment with this theme. 

Spring Breakers

Party Themes Ideas

Life’s a beach. A summary fun-filled theme with beachy hues is a great theme for a day event. A beach-inspired theme is a good choice for an event taking place at the beach like a graduation party or a get-together. This type of theme is popular among the youngsters but adults are also now venturing into such themes. To make your spring more enjoyable and memorable hire our mobile bar service.

Casino Royale

Party Themes Ideas

The name’s Bond. James Bond. Men looking dapper in black-tie attire and women stuns in floor-length gowns. It’s all about the glitz and glamour with this theme. A night filled with exoticism and elegance is the perfect theme for weddings, evening ball, galas, and a black-tie event, and of course a martini or two! 

Spooky Night

Party Themes Ideas

When it comes to a horror night theme, it is always a win. With the endless possibilities of costumes, decor, to create color schemes, a night filled with scary entertainment always gets people going. Even though such scary themes are reserved for the month of October or Halloween time. But you can take the spine-chilling aspects of the theme and incorporate it into a birthday bash or an office party. 

Old School

Party Themes Ideas

Having a theme that brings back major childhood nostalgia from school life can be intense and fun at the same time. You get to relive your high school days, dress in the same uniform, and be a teenager again for the day.

With some of the attendees as teachers, and the party furniture like school tables and chairs with blackboards. But with a modern twist. Now that definitely will make people rave about it for days. 

Crazy Hair Day

Party Themes Ideas

You know the party is going to be epic, where the attendees are required to come with their locks in a state of lunacy. A fun-filled day with bright-colored schemes with people having the craziest hairstyles that they can come up with. The crazier the better. And with a fashion show to vote for the best crazy hairstyle, this theme will make any event stand out.

Extraterrestrial madness

Party Themes Ideas

The concept of an intelligent being out in space apart from planet earth transformed into a theme for an event is true ‘out worldly’. The guest of the party dressed like aliens interacting in a made-up language with starships and laser beams for decor. Snacks shaped like small meteors, planets, and shooting stars. The background music blowing Katy Perry’s E.T puts the whole thing together. 

Game Of Thrones

Party Themes Ideas

If you are a true fan of GOT, then a theme inspired by the series will make any soirée the light of the party. Dragons and Khaleesi, night walkers, night guards, witches, prince, and princess you name it. A theme with fictional diversity is perfect for a college party, or birthday bash, and prom night even. 

All Is Black

Party Themes Ideas

Nothing like an all-black event. An all-black theme with both men and women in formal black attire is perfect for a corporate event. Add in soft melodic music, champagne, and finger food, it will make any business event a spectacular success. 

Masquerade Bash

Party Themes Idea

If there is one thing people like is wearing a mask. And to wear a mask as part of a dress code to an event is all the more fun. A masquerade-themed party is both thrilling and exciting as you get to mingle with strangers without revealing your identity. A chance to escape from reality and be whoever you want to be. Throw in great food and music, it makes a night to forget and let loose. 

Vampire Galore

Party Themes Ideas

If you are a fan of the Twilight series with modern-day vampires, then this theme will speak to your inner vampire. Dressed as the creatures of the night, with fangs and pale skin, ruby red wine, with meaty catering for all the meat lovers is the perfect setup for a college function or birthday.


One cannot go wrong with a Disney-inspired theme, with the guests coming in multitudes of Disney characters. This is a perfect setup for the kids, as not only their favorite Disney characters are virtually present. But also Disney games and fun snacks add to the entertainment of a ‘whole new world’. 


If you like tomove it move it’, a Madagascar theme for a birthday party is an epic way to celebrate with kids dressed as their favorite animal from the movie. With tropical colored schemes and outdoor activities, it can make any birthday crack-a-lacking. 

Pool Party 

Party Themes Ideas – Very popular with Students

When it comes to planning a pool party, it is the ultimate summer get-together which can be arranged outdoors and indoors. With a cocktail bar, inflatable objects, a gigantic pool of course, and everyone in their bathing suits. Throw in a live DJ, it will make any event totally legit. 


What is great about this theme, that it’s age-appropriate for everyone. With the glitz and glamour of royalty, formal catering, and elegant music it will surely make everyone feel like royalty. Throw in the dress code for fancy ball gowns and black tux, it can make any event truly magical. 

Farm Life

The simplicity, nature, the rawness of farm life is truly splendid. An outdoor event, with farm animals, be it fake or real, attendees dressed in farm clothes, rodeos, cattle grazing, and an eggs scavenger hunt. With country music in the background, great food, and dancing will awaken anyone’s inner cowboy/cowgirl. 

Disco Night

If you are a fan of the 70s and 80s, a disco-themed party is just what you need for your next shindig. With a big disco ball that lights, all the famous 80s songs in the background, disco lights, and let’s not forget attendees in bell bottoms and mullet hairstyles. The disco theme will make any event totally tubular. 

Enchanted forest

Party Themes Ideas – Mind Blowing

This versatile theme is perfect for a birthday bash, afternoon tea, and bridal shower. With large flowers, hanging branches, lots of green trees for decor, melodic soft music in the background. A true dream-like experience for the guests. 

Bringing Sexy Back

This is a great theme for an all-girls party. Dressed in sexy lingerie, laces, garters, halter tops, heels, sheer net dress, voluminous hair, and dark makeup. Phew! With red and pink decor, pink champagne, it is the perfect setup for a bachelorette or a slumber party. 

Punk Rock

Party Themes Ideas to rock the party up

Rock and roll dude. A punk rock theme will scream to all the 70s and 80s fans. Decorations include dark-colored hues for scheme, guitars and drums, disco ball, prints and pictures of famous rock bands, and an unlimited supply of beer for beverages. Catering consisting of wings, onion rings, fries lots of them, will keep the party rocking for sure.

Circus themed party

This fun-filled circus theme gives you and your guests a chance to goof around and no one will judge. Lots and lots of balloons, circus performers, fortune tellers, magicians, animal acts, funfair stalls and items, and a roller coaster decoy. This can be an awesome theme for a kid’s birthday, as for the kids it will be a good opportunity to really enjoy and be part of the circus. 

Cocktail Party

Popular Party Themes Ideas By Bar Brothers Events

fun drinking and toasting cocktails.

When can not go wrong with a cocktail party? With the main focus on appetizers for food and of course a cocktail bar. What is great about this theme, is that you can incorporate your own color schemes and hues preferably a neutral color palette. With a formal dress code, this can be an excellent graduation party theme or a going away theme for your colleague. 

Arabian Nights

Very Original Party Themes Ideas

This Arabian night’s theme will be cool for your next party. Throw in magic rugs, lamps, exotic dancers, large tents, lanterns, and pots and baskets. The guests of the party dressed in Arabic clothes like the traditional thawb for men, and for men a long maxi dress with a net veil with only their exotic eyes visible. A variety of exotic Arabic food and beverages will surely take you to a whole new world’. 

Assassins Creed

Party Themes Ideas for game lovers

All the gaming fanatics will go bonkers for this themed party. With a modern touch, attendees wear all black, participating in the game of killing and being killed, with the last one standing getting a prize. Cold beer, hearty snacks, upbeat music will definitely uplift any event. 

Pirates Of The Caribbean

This is a popular Party Theme Ideas

Arghhh…if you are a jack sparrow fan, then this theme is just what your party needs. Throw in a pirate ship decoy, skeletons, a wood plank, with guests dressed as pirates, add in sea visual effects, and seafood. Chocolates in the shape of gold coins served in treasure boxes, and rum served as drinks will make any event spectacular. For better inspiration, check out at party ideas by a pro

Bollywood Night

With festive Indian culture and Bollywood musicals for a party theme, will make anyone bust their moves. Bright color scheme, drapes, palm trees, and scrumptious Indian food will tickle your taste palate. Add Bollywood songs in the background and professional dancers, it will be a night to remember. Here is where you can get major Bollywood vibes and theme ideas.


Party Themes Ideas for the movie’s fans

Imagine bringing the famous movie, The Chronicles Of Narnia to life for your next party theme, it will truly be magical. With a wardrobe entrance, a winter wonderland is made with nothing but white snow all around. Guests come in as their favorite characters from the movie. For food, Turkish delights and doner, along with cold beverages, and flutes playing is perfect for a birthday or Christmas party. 

Candy Land

Every child in the world loves candy. A candy land theme is a dream come true for any child for their birthday. Giant candy canes all around the venue, big cake pastries and chocolate bars for decor, pastel colors accents, and lots of desserts on the menu. It put kids in a major sugar rush for sure, but at least the party will be a major success.  


Another Popular Party Themes Ideas

The best thing about a comic con themed event is the diversity. The guests have a vast choice in what they can come as. The decoration consists of all superhero based color schemes and hues, fun food like popcorn, fries, and chicken fingers, pretzels can be served. Drinks can be named after every famous villain like ‘the jokers jokes’. A fashion show can be conducted, so guests can show off their outfits, and then a winner is selected for a prize. Here are 18 fun ideas for comic con themes suitable for any event.


Elsa and Anna took the world by a storm with their strong sisterly bond and great singing skills. For your kid’s next birthday bash, a frozen theme is just what you need for a hit party. The highlight of the event would be a frozen cake with all the characters from the movie. With the addition of Olaf cupcakes, even sleigh rides, and kids dressed up as the movie characters. The decor consists of blue and white balloons, streamers, ruffles, frozen centerpieces, and party favors.  With live frozen musical performance, this will make any birthday bash the talk of the town.

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