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Party Bar Hire Nottingham

Bar Brothers Events have held numerous private parties with the Popular Mobile Bar Hire Nottingham. Nottingham is considered the home of nightlife events. Hosting a large number of students, the city of Nottingham knows the key to light up apart.

Whether you looking for a great night out, in this great city, there is something for everybody. People travel to Nottingham just for the joy of entertainment, and it never fails to amaze its visitors. Everything from indie nights to reggae is available. There are numerous places to visit in Nottingham, with some gems hidden and tucked away down alleyways and squares. Did you know that Nottingham hosts the world’s smallest cinema!?

Mobile Bar Hire Nottingham

You may choose to visit Nottingham for other reasons than just its crazy nightlife. If you planning on a more intimate gathering? or, you looking forward to celebrating your wedding or anniversary in the city where it all began? Are you hoping to impress your guests?

If you are someone who wishes more control of the evening and does not want to be squished in clubs, then Bar Brother Events is just the right catering service for you, with our Fantastic Mobile Bar Hire Nottingham.

Bar Brother Events in Nottingham – Mobile Bar Hire

We are a leading catering service that provides Mobile Bar For Hire in Nottingham. We operate all over the UK, and we know the secrets of breathing life into your party. Bar Brother Events cater to all sorts of events. From weddings, house Parties, Birthday Parties, VIP Parties, Private Gatherings, or Festivals. Our Mixologists For Hire Nottingham specialize in making your occasion memorable and allowing you to relax truly.

Bartender For Hire Nottingham

Our Skilled Bartenders take care of all your needs. All you have to do is enjoying your time with your guests. We take on the rest. Not interested in a standard bartender? Are you looking for someone that will entertain your guests and serve them delicious cocktails?

A Flair Bartender is a perfect alternative to your standard barman. Their skill will have your guest’s eyes anchored on them all the time. If you are worried that your guests will not interact with each other, then a Flair Bartender might solve that problem. Their jaw-dropping, wowing performances will surely break the ice and get the party going.

Flair Bartender Show

Cocktails for everyone!

Bar Brother Events understand that each person comes with their own favorite drink. Our bartenders can serve unique cocktails that are catered to the likings of your guests. We make sure to keep your non-alcoholic guests high on your non-alcoholic cocktails all night. Order off the menu or get your drinks custom-made.


Yes, you read it right. Bar Brother Events allows you to customize your own drinks, a dedicated show by a flair bartender, and even the mobile bar itself. We bet no bar or pub in Nottingham will take these extra steps to leave a lasting impression.

Stick pictures of your loved ones on the mobile bar, brew up a tasty or weird concoction for your special someone or get a performance choreographed to music for your loved ones. Do not shy away from showing your appreciation and feelings for the people you adore.

Events In Nottingham

Bar Brother Events caters to an array of events. If you have any special requests, we have you covered. Private parties or Weddings are already stressful enough as it is. Wedding Bar Hire Nottingham takes away your worry of having to organize, create and cater for your guests. The sooner you start working with us, the better your mobile bar will be that matches your aesthetic.

Do you want to surprise your best friend? Do you want to give your best friend a birthday party they will never forget? Birthday Party bar hire Nottingham makes sure to deliver an experience that you and your best friend will always remember. Our bartenders will serve cocktails that will have you dancing and partying all night.

If you are hoping to embarrass your best friend, then customize your mobile bar and place embarrassing pictures on it. The possibilities are endless.

Cocktail Making Class Nottingham

Make your own drinks at home with our cocktail-making class or invite your friends along and host a competition. The more, the merrier. Hire our top-level mixologist and learn the art of wowing your guests with beautiful and delicious cocktails. You do not need to worry about the specifics, as we bring all the equipment to give a whole experience. The mixologists and proper glassware will make you feel as if you are a real bartender. Compete with your friends in mini-games, and test your bartender skills.

If you are interested in our Mobile Bar Hire Nottingham, Bartender Hire Nottingham, Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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