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What Is Flair Bartending And When Did It Start?

Bar Brothers Events offer Flair Bartender hire for every occasion, our cocktail flair tenders will entertain the crowd with amazing skills using bar equipment. But first, let’s see what flair bartending is. If you’ve heard of flair bartending but have no idea what it is, then we’re here to tell you all about it!

It goes by lots of different names – such as flooring, flairtending, and extreme bartending – and it mixes the magic of cool and clever entertainment with one of our favorite things: cocktails!

Those of us who remember the 80s likely recall a young Tom Cruise cast as the lead role in the movie ‘Cocktail’ – so if you can summon that memory, you have flair bartending in a nutshell!

But when did the flairing fun begin?

The Skills Of The Flairtender

Flairtending is a real art – you’d be amazed at what the professionals can do with bottles, glasses, napkins, and cocktail shakers.

Being a flair bartender for hire is all about finesse and fancy tricks. They can use any bar tool or accessory to juggle, throw and spin, and flow from one smooth move to the next – you just sit back and enjoy the show as they create a delicious drink delivered with a thrilling and theatrical flourish.

Expect bright colors, fire, smoke, mystery, and suspense – they can catch a bottle from 10ft!

Flair Bartender For Hire

A Brief History Of Flair Bartending…

While Cocktail may have popularised flairing, the first fella to inject a bit of fun into serving up drinks was Jerry Thomas in the 1800s.

He’d put on a show when pouring his customers a Blue Blazer, made of blazing whisky and steamy boiled water, which ended up earning him the nickname of ‘The Professor’.

He’d mix the drinks between 2 glasses, creating a flaming arc between them.

Apart from Jerry, there isn’t much mention of flair bartending to be found in the history books, and it seems that it was actually a member of staff at TGI Fridays that started the modern-day version of entertaining drink mixing, back in the 80s.

The craze soon spread from their Los Angeles branch as the managers encourage other servers to learn how to dazzle their customers.

By 1986, TGI starting hosting their ‘Bar Olympics’, and now, there are competitions held around the world every year to find the best flair bartenders around!

In the mid-2000s the World Flair Association was formed, bringing a grand slam system into play along with an accompanying worldwide league table.

If you looking to hire a Flair Bartender to amaze and entertain the crowd at your party, Bar Brothers Events Ltd offer the best talents around providing the wow factor to make your day memorable,



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