The Future of partying in a post-pandemic world

hire a cocktail bartender

Hire a Cocktail Bartender during Covid-19

What’s going on in today’s world seems almost unreal, year 2020 caused us to change the way we all do things, think, or react. Every industry has been affected by Covid 19, especially the Hospitality industry which includes: Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Nightclubs.

The live music and Events industry are suffering too due to the latest government restriction to protect the population from this invisible virus that is changing our day to day life.

As cases are raising I’m sure more restrictions will be implemented, but….will all this stop people from partying?

I personally don’t think so! People cannot continue to leave in fear, or waiting that all this will end because we really don’t know when it ends don’t we?

the clock is ticking and we only have one life, parties are part of people’s lives, a party with friends let us escape from the day to day routine and temporary from personal problems.

As an operator in the event industry, I can see where this is going. More people will organize a get together at their home and most likely.

Hire a Cocktail Bartender to create the same atmosphere as when we are out and about in bars and clubs, Drinking amazing Cocktails, and maybe get entertain by a skilled Flair bartender that will add the wow factor to the party.

These kinds of parties are getting more and more popular a, to be honest, I’ve noticed that people prefer it, people feel safer as they are with people they know and in a safe location which is Covid free.

Let’s see where all this is going, and what the future is holding for us in the Events industry…

Danilo Levato

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