Virtual Events Ideas That Brings People Together

9 Virtual Events Ideas You Can Enjoy 


Some of our Virtual Events Ideas for you to try. After the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, virtual meetings have become increasingly essential to human interaction.

Now, we see them as a normal part of living in the post-pandemic world. Virtual event ideas are web-based events held on online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. What’s great about this technological shift is that attending worldwide events is only a click away. 

Human interaction has been truly revolutionized owing to this technological advancement. It is now possible to host and attend events that are relatively cheaper and less time-consuming. They also provide much more flexibility. Courtesy of virtual events ideas, the worries of getting ready before the event, and managing unpredictable traffic conditions have disappeared.

You don’t have to worry about your conveyance either while attending a virtual event. One simply has to be ready as little as five minutes before the event starts and that’s about it!

Thanks to the increasingly virtualized world we live in today, the need to hire a physical teacher for tasks like teaching how to make cocktails is no more necessary.

Who would’ve thought that gradually the world will begin to look forward to virtual events ideas just as much as physical events? But this should be no shock as virtual events are as fun-filled as any other events. Now, you can learn how to make cocktails, taste exotic foods and even savor great wine all through a virtual experience.

Virtual Events Ideas


1. Virtual Cocktail Masterclass

 It goes without saying, cocktails are the magic potion of happiness. Nobody says no to a good cocktail and no party is ever complete without a tasty drink. Be it a party for work colleagues, the birthday of an old friend, or you’re simply going through a tough breakup, a cocktail offers comfort in every situation. 

While there is no doubt that a cocktail is a true blessing, it is also true that not many people know how to prepare one. This is where the need for a Cocktail Masterclass arises.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, what better way to participate in a cocktail masterclass than doing so virtually? The idea is simple, all participating in a virtual cocktail masterclass are provided with the materials required to prepare cocktails through delivery. Soon after, a virtual weekly class starts through an online meeting platform.

If you’re a true fan of good drinks, then this masterclass is exactly what you need to explore a new exciting hobby. Moreover, not only is it an enjoyable learning experience but it also yields fruitful results. 

For a group of friends who are unable to attend in-person classes together, this is the perfect fit. It is also an entertaining way of team-building and breaking the ice with your colleagues. From learning to make cocktails to drinking them, a cocktail masterclass is a fun-filled activity you need. To spice things up further, you can even compete for the best bartender slogan!


2. Virtual Quizzes

Like any other course, traditional or virtual, the cocktail masterclass also has quizzes to test the learners’ abilities while also tracking progress. With each cocktail a student learns, they are required to attempt a written quiz. The quizzes are simple, consisting of several multiple-choice questions.

The content of the quiz tests cocktail mixing, timing, and the order of adding ingredients. You will attempt this quiz online exactly how you would in a real-life situation. You read the question and then choose the correct option. These virtual quizzes yield quick results and offer immediate feedback. They make it easier for you to identify mistakes and hence, learning from them. 

The quizzes in cocktail-making, however, offer further benefits. They not only test the retention of information but also aim to encourage practice.

Once tested on a certain cocktail, it is highly likely that you will remember the process and will want to try making it numerous times. It’s okay if you don’t score well. You can always reach out to a classmate and have an interactive cocktail-making session.

3. Virtual Gin Tasting

Gin tasting has been increasing in popularity, gathering a huge fan base. This can be attributed to the boom in craft gin manufacturers who have offered an entirely new taste experience. For many tasters, it tastes like magic that contributes to making every event flavorful. 

If you fall in the category of these gin-lovers, then you’re in for a treat. A virtual gin tasting will become your companion on a warm night-in.

Don’t worry, the concept is simple and convenient. All the ingredients are shipped to the participant’s house in packages. This includes gin, tonics, and garnishes. At the time of the tasting, all you need to do is log in to the virtual platform provided. After the event starts, everyone will begin collectively tasting the gin. 

A gin tasting from the comfort of your own home; sounds exciting as well as comforting. All with an interactive live session with a group of people just as passionate, doesn’t it sound lovely? What’s truly amazing about a virtual gin tasting experience is that it skips no parts of an in-person gin tasting.

Many events also offer branded gin glasses that are provided along with a gin tasting set. Moreover, a guided tour with a master distiller is also sometimes a part of this virtual event. To find out more about where you can find virtual gin tasting events, you can always contact Bar Brothers


4. Virtual Food Tasting

A virtual food tasting event is just what you need if you love savoring food. If you recognize yourself as a cheese connoisseur, then you will surely love a virtual cheese tasting event. A virtual food tasting consists of an entire kit being delivered to your doorstep at least a day before the event starts. If it’s a cheese tasting, the kit will most likely contain 2-3 different types of cheese.

All you need to do on the day of the event is to connect via zoom or any other online platform, drink wine, and taste the food. Entering a virtual meeting with other participants and interacting with them, all whilst enjoying the food has a different charm altogether. 

Most virtual food tastings are led by head-chefs that guide you through the entire experience. Stories from local restaurateurs can also be made part of a food tasting as they share their experiences of coming up with new recipes. To spice up the tasting, secret ingredients are sometimes also shared with participants. 


5. Virtual Wine Tasting

A virtual wine tasting entails tasting wine in a remote setting. However, it’s just as fun and exciting as a location-based wine tasting. In a virtual wine tasting, you can still make the most out of the experience by implementing the 5 s’s. You can see, swirl, sniff, sip, and of course, savor the wine just as you would elsewise.

Most virtual wine tastings are hosted by vineyards, but increasingly, private wine experts have started hosting them too. A virtual wine tasting is the perfect wine fix for any wine lover who wishes to stay home.

If you sign up for one, the wine samples will be delivered in a wine kit to your house before the actual event. You will then simply join a virtual meeting where you will get a chance to interact and discuss the wine. 

To add to the experience of tasting exquisite wine, the event also focuses on providing enriching knowledge of the wine being tasted. This includes some great tips on how to pair your wine with the perfect suitable meals.

You can expect a wine expert to guide you through the entire process of the tasting alongside educating you with facts about the wine as well.

6. Virtual Museum Tours

In times like these when our lives have increasingly become home-centered, it’s natural to want to step out of the house engaging in something productive. However, many of us may fail to recognize fun activities that might await us outdoors. But, what if we tell you that you don’t need to step out of your house to go exploring a museum? This is where a virtual museum tour comes in. 

There are many virtual museum tours that you can benefit from. Many of them are either organized by the museums and art galleries themselves, or through enterprises such as Google.

Through live videos and 3D imagery, you can delve into the world of artifacts and masterpieces. Many virtual museum tours also include commentaries explaining the history and significance of the pieces that are a part of the tour. 

Thanks to virtual museum tours, you don’t have to worry about not being able to visit another country physically to visit a wonderful museum. Now you can just do so sitting comfortably at home. If you’re a student with a keen interest in history and arts, this might be the perfect virtual event for you!


7. Virtual Gaming Competition 

Another great way to connect in the newly virtualized world is to participate in an online gaming competition. Online games are gaining more and more players, facing a significant rise during the lockdown days.

Many people are even picking up a joystick in search of a new fun game to try, unable to put it down. In any case, a virtual gaming competition sounds like the perfect event to engage in some healthy competition. It can even just be a way to have fun on a night with friends. 

There are several online gaming competitions you can participate in and play with players from all over the world. Or you can even organize a small event of your own. Online games allow people to interact in a unique way as it allows team building, encourages problem-solving, and enhances team relationships. It is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking to bond with your work colleagues and wish to move up a notch from the traditional in-person games.

8. Virtual Business Testimonial Video Event

Business testimonial videos are truly lifesaving for those who wish to collect valuable data from their teams, colleagues, or even department members. It’s even useful if you’re a student conducting research for a class regarding one or more businesses.

As with any virtual event, you can attend this event from anywhere in the world simply with one click. There are no device barriers either. Most business testimonial video events can be joined from any device be it a phone, tablet, or computer. It is not even necessary to download an app because the video testimonials are cloud-based.

These events will help you gain an understanding of the businesses they are focusing on. You also get a chance to listen to the opinions of different people and how they view different aspects.

9. Virtual Happy Hour

It won’t be wrong to classify this as one of the most fun-filled virtual event ideas. A virtual happy hour event includes participants joining the meeting to socialize and engage in trivia, tips, and tricks, and engaging in relationship-building activities.

These events can even include everyone sharing some new things about cocktails they love and why they love them. It will help you connect with people who have a passion for quality drinks. During this happy hour, teams can be made where each team has to come up with a new drink of their own. Once done, an expert moderator can teach you how to make this drink for you and the other participants. The game will then include him rating each drink and picking out the winner!


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