Wedding..Do You Really Want to DIY Planning

If you are the type of planner that falls into the category of challenge-accepting, money-pinching, your wedding DIY list would probably show up with good intentions. But even the most meticulous plans can end up in time-consuming mental and emotional stress. Trust me there is no hard and fast rule about how DIY works well for weddings.

The most stressful part of DIY wedding planning is actually getting the event well organized and executed smoothly along with enjoying their own wedding. It is better off leaving certain things in the hands of professionals. Unless you’re a pro wedding planner, you would leave this to the experts and factor it into the budget.

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Do Not DIY Flowers and Decor

You may have a good taste in designing, but doing your own flowers and decor for your wedding may not be recommended. Unless you have a professional florist in your circle who is willing to take the task completely, it is recommended you delegate to a professional florist.

Don’t Be Your Own Wedding Stylist

Why take the stress of being the head stylist for your whole wedding party. Some brides are particular about makeup and don’t trust anybody else to do their own hair and makeup for their special day. But the truth is a bride who is planning to DIY her whole wedding hair and makeup is setting herself up for disaster.

There is no way a DIY bride carry out her wedding setup, do her own hair, makeup and not be stressed by the time she walks down the aisle. If I would have been a DIY bride, I wouldn’t get myself dressed and ready in between the setup. Seriously, how can a bride pull it off on her special day? It’s just not freaking cool. Don’t choose to do that to yourself.

The Bar

Bartenders and servers are important at your wedding and it’s a category you cannot afford to leave to yourself or your family/friend. Using professional bartender hire will save the day. They not only have experience serving booze but also can handle the mixers, the glassware, the chilling, the cleanup, and the garnishing.

If you want your wedding to look professionally planned and well organized even if you do everything yourself, it’s is important to go with a bartender hire to work the event. There are standard packages and tip rates for wedding events. You might save a few dollars by asking your friend’s little brothers as bartenders and waiters, but don’t take it granted that your wedding will run smoothly. A bunch of professional staff is always a big help when managing your wedding bar.

A Mobile bar Hire Company must legally have certified bartenders, which assures you can trust them to attend and serve your guests responsibly. Experienced bartenders can recognize if any of the guests have enough drink for the day and discreetly stop serving alcohol to the individual. This saves the host from the embarrassment to have to interfere in the conflict and ensures a smooth-running event.

There you have it with what to plan on your wedding day! Although you prefer a part of DIYing from your wedding plan, consider hiring a bartender from a top company. Be sure to call Bar Brothers Events and receive our excellent service at value pricing. We are always ready to be a part of your next event!

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