Valentine’s Day Cocktail



valentines day cocktail

Valentines Day, ah, what a magical time of year. Everything is pink and fluffy and full of gushy and bleh. It’s not really my thing. Sure, I’ll celebrate with a valentines day cocktail, but it’s more an at-home, make a good meal kinda thing. It’s not going out, have a big showoff be a fancy deal.

There’s no need to score internet points by being extremely extravagant in your grand gestures (especially if they’re reserved for only one day a year). Let’s all fill our hearts with love and joy by having a nice drink, with Bar Brothers.

Valentines day is once a year, and you want to make it special for your other half. Planning a fancy dinner? What about hiring a private Bartender who will make delicious Valentines Day Cocktails that will delight you and you Loved one? Perfect way to celebrate this special day in style.

45ml Lemon Vodka

20ml Raspberry liqueur

20ml Cranberry Juice

Shake and strain in a Martini Glass, don’t forget to chill the glass before pouring 🙂

Danilo Levato

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