Why Bartending is the best job in the world

Why is Bartending a Good Career

Not sure yet about what you want to do after graduating? Find out why is bartending a good career option, combining everything you’re looking for in a job:

A flexible schedule, the opportunity to put everything you learned into practice immediately, getting to meet the most interesting people, and good money combining fix-salary and – of course – tips!

6 Reasons Why is Bartending a Good Career

1.  Travel the world

One of the perks of being a bartender is the fact that you are not bound to one specific location for your job. Bartending allows you to travel the world and go on adventures.

Especially in locations people usually spend their vacations at, bar personnel is always needed. Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend winter with your toes in the sand and get your tan on at the beach, instead of always being cold?

2.  Meet a lot of interesting people

Bartending is an extremely social profession. Not only everyone in the team you work with behind the bar has different experiences they want to share, but also the people you serve drinks to during your shifts will tell you their crazy, amazing stories. There is a reason some people say that bartenders are the better psychologists!

3.  Let your creativity flow

Instead of having a 9 to 5 job and sit behind a desk all day you can create beautiful drinks, come up with completely new creations, finished off with garnishes that are out of this world- the possibilities are endless! Even though you should stick to some general rules when it comes to bartending, you can always adopt some existing recipes according to your customers’ preferences or experiment by yourself and might invent the latest cocktail special for your bar!

4.  Boost your self-confidence

Working behind a bar is like being on a stage: You are the center of attention. The first thing people do when they enter a pub or lounge is head to the bar. Remember: You represent the establishment you work at with your appearance. This can be stressful, but it will definitely make you gain more self-confidence! Also, the more experience you gain,  the more smooth your workflow will get eventually. Most likely you will get to a point where you doubt your skills behind the bar, but don’t freak out! It’s perfectly normal to be critical of yourself.

5. Make other people happy

That’s probably the best part about being a bartender– Putting a smile on someone’s face with a delicious drink you created. Working in the hospitality sector can be extremely tough but it is for sure rewarding!

6.  Be different from the rest

In the late 1800s and early 1900s bartending was seen as a highly-respected profession in society. Nowadays we’re in the second golden age of bartending– It is possible to walk into any bar and ask for a Manhattan and to be pretty sure that the barkeeper can create a decent cocktail. We’re now in a time you can ask for a big variety of cocktails, which made bartending become a well-respected craft again!


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