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Bar Brothers Events became quite popular in the famous city of Oxford providing Mobile Bar Hire Oxford Services for a while now. Oxford is known for its flourishing event industry thanks to the vibrant and growing student life.

Events Services Oxford

Weekends in the city are packed with fun activities and its bars are fully booked. Are you planning on something special? Do you need to arrange an event that will impress your superiors?

Are you looking for a romantic getaway with your special someone? Are you just looking for a weekend away from your stressful life, gulping down amazing blends, and relaxing with your friends?

If you are someone who wishes to have a more intimate gathering and wants to escape the hassle of planning out the whole day then, Bar Brother Events got you covered. With Our Mobile Bar Hire Oxford. We cater for an array of occasions. Whether it’s an anniversary, parties, weddings, or a simple get together. We do everything we can to meet our guest’s requests and expectation.

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Mobile Bar Hire and Bartender Services in Oxford

Party Bar Hire Oxford

Bar Brother Events is a leading mobile bar agency that caters specifically to your needs. We light up your private occasion with humour, fancy skills, and delicious drinks. Our Party Bar Hire Oxford prides itself in its commitment and our services are some of the most popular across the UK.

How do we do it?

You provide us with the information and we deliver a memory that you will cheer for forever. Our Bartender For Hire Oxford spices up your evening with their cocktails that will have your guests gulping down on them all evening.

Our team of bartenders put all their heart into what they do. They are highly skilled and will amaze the crowd with their fancy and delicious drinks. Don’t believe us? then just look at our reviews. Our Bartenders leave an impression wherever they go.

I have non-alcoholic guests, do you cater to that?

Bar Brothers Events assists all sorts of guests and does not leave anyone feeling left out. Our bartenders will have your non-alcoholic guests high on their fruity and sweet drinks. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy. Our Mobile Bars are versatile and are up for any special requests. You name it, we do it.

I don’t want a standard barman, who do I hire?

Bartender For Hire Oxford.

If you are looking to have your guests amazed by some really good show,  then our Flair Bartender Hire Oxford is the perfect choice for you. They will amaze the crowds with their entertaining flair as they serve them tasty and beautiful cocktails.

They put a twist and turn your normal bar, into an entertainment centre. You can also request a stand-alone show. It will be a jaw-dropping theatrical performance choreographed to music that will have your guests talking about it for weeks. This is a great way to break the ice amongst the guests and breathes more life into the party.

Intimate gatherings, We Deliver What We Promise.

Mobile Bar Hire Oxford is customisable. You can decorate it with all sorts of pictures, arranged to match your aesthetic. Not only this but, you can also name a few drinks after your special ones. This will let them know the importance they hold in your life and make their evening memorable.

The Perfect Party Atmosphere

Our Mixologists For Hire Oxford will ensure that there is an array of cocktails that will tingle every single taste buds of your guests and will keep them wanting more. Your guests will find themselves lining up at the mobile bar that serves the perfect and most delicious cocktails.

Our bartender hire service loves what they do and that is why they are able to create a relaxing yet enjoyable environment for you and your guests.

The Before and After Party Worry

We leave as we come. You communicate your likings and we take care of the rest. From the stock, the ice, and the menus. Our spectacular collections of glassware and the finest ingredients one can get their hands on are sure to impress your guests.

You do not have to worry about a single thing. When it comes to events, you may want to leave the drinks to your friends or next-door neighbour but the same old plastic cups, laying on a wooden table, being watered down with ice, are no good to anyone. Bar Brothers not only provides amazing drinks but it also provides an impression that will last.

If you are interested in our Mobile Bar Hire Oxford, Bartender For Hire Oxford, Flair Bartender Hire Oxford, Mixologist Hire Oxford. Then do not hesitate to Contact us

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