View Do you remove waste from events?

Do you remove waste from events?

No, you are responsible for waste disposal, we will tidy up the waste produced by us and place into sacks. If you would like us to dispose of the waste for you this can be added on for a small fee.

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View Do you need power supply?

Do you need power supply?

If you have a light up bar, we will require a 13amp socket. We will provide a 5m extention cable, if you require longer cable you will need to provide this. For any catering packages which are cooked onsite, food requiring power supply will require 1x 13amp socket per appliance.

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View Do you provide glassware?

Do you provide glassware?

Yes! Glassware is included in all our all-inclusive We can also provide glassware for your dry-hire option, this will be included in your quote. (for all events using our glassware, nearing the event of the event we will swap to eco friendly plastic glassware to prevent minimal loss and ensure a swift departure.)

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