Mobile Bar Ideas For Any Event

Bar Brothers Events want to introduce you to 30 Mobile Bar Ideas for your upcoming parties.

If you are planning your next event and looking for mobile bar ideas, you will find some great choices here.  Everyone knows the life of the party is the edible offerings, but most preferably, the drinks. Good ambiance, great company, and a drink in the hand are what anyone expects when invited to any event.

And to give that oomph factor to any party, a mobile bar is the perfect cherry on top of a cake. The one thing guests rave about most is the food and drinks. And what’s better to rave about than a mobile bar.

As the name suggests, it is a conventional built-in bar but with the advantage of portability. So it is an on-the-go bar service ready to go where ever necessary. Courtesy of the transportable options as well as being a convenient and economical option as opposed to the conventional bars, a mobile bar also adds to the aesthetics.

To up the wow factor, the display of the mobile bar is what will get the attendees to talk about for a long time. When considering a mobile bar, the vicinity and functionality should be kept in mind. Mobile bars are perfect for cocktail parties that are arranged outdoors, or bridal showers, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. The option of a bartender with the mobile bar can also be arranged. But it is not a necessity as it can also be a self-service.

A standard mobile bar has an average width of 61 to 72 inches with an 8 to 10-foot long speed rail for liquor bottles. It also has a stainless steel workspace with an insulating sink or ice bin and glass racks for storage. Once you have chosen your mobile bar hire, why not consider a mixologist for hire specialist? Let our team make your event a success every step of the way, wow your guests with cocktails and the bar hire decor.

Here are the top 30 mobile bar ideas that will make any event a smashing success.

1. Forest Mobile Bar

Forest Bar

What’s more enchanting than a forest-themed mobile bar? With a wooden exterior and plenty of greens to complement it, this is the perfect setup for a baby or bridal shower. Along with beverages, snack platters can also be placed in the bar. It can be self-service or with a bartender, either way, it will be the main attraction.

2. Black Galore

Black Galore Bar


This mobile bar is ideal for a summer barbeque or friends get together in the evening. Simple design and black-themed, nothing too fancy or in your face, yet at the same time eye-catching. Along with standard drinks, finger snacks will also be delightful. This mobile bar will definitely add that oomph factor to any gathering.

3. Pastels All The Way


Pastel-colored mobile bars can be fun along with being convenient. They not all provide beverages but also add to the aesthetics of the event. These kinds of mobile bars are an excellent choice for birthdays or school events. The kids will be enthralled by equipment that’s portable, and also consists of their favorite drinks and food. This one is definitely a winner.

4. White Elegance

White elegance

A mobile bar at a wedding reception would definitely uplift the evening. Add a bit of vintage touch to it, that will scream perfection. In addition to aesthetics, the mobile bar also will serve as a fantastic photo prop for the couples’ shoot. Nice quality champagne and bartender service for continuous drink supply will make any reception spectacular.

5. LED Night


With an LED bar, all the attendees will be drawn to it like moths drawn to a singular light in the darkness. This is the perfect bar set up for club events, dances, and new Year’s eve. It can be placed just as it is or with some decorative pieces. Either way, it is sure to make any event a smashing success.

6. Boy’s Night

Boys Night

It’s Friday night, and what better way to spend the night than spend it with buddies. This all-black-themed super simple mobile bar screams boys’ night. It can be an excellent idea to unwind, chat up with your buddies with a good drink in hand. This will make any host’s day knowing everyone is having a splendid evening. Also, it is a good photo prop for Gram or Snapchat.

7. All White Party

Nothing screams elegance than an all-white themed event. This setup is perfect for brunch or a polo match. With the addition of a mobile bar stocked with different cocktails and scrumptious food, the event is sure to be everyone’s weekend getaway.

8. Magical Arabian Nights


Who doesn’t like the exotic Arabian Nights? A great setup for receptions or outdoor events like prom or graduation parties. With a variety of delightful drinks that will get everyone in the party mood for an unforgettable night and a whole new world’. Throw in some snacks, upbeat music, and dancing it will make one night to remember.

9. Pop-Up Fun

pop up fun

A touch of yellow can never do anyone harm. This kind of setup is made to capture the attention of the targeted audience. The right type of cocktail drinks is the key here. With a comfortable environment, very chill vibes, and the right attitude of the bartenders, such setups can be an excellent business strategy.

10. Feminine Touch

feninine touch

What better way to celebrate a girl’s bridal shower or a birthday with a mobile bar in floral decor. Pink-themed decorations to complement the bar, along with a variety of cocktail drinks, this outdoor setup would make any event special. An added bonus of the mobile bar is that it can also be used as a prop for pictures. The Gram game is not coming slow.

11. Strictly Business

Business bar

For any event to sail smoothly without a glitch, an ample amount of drinks is what will appease the attendees. This is the perfect setup for a company’s corporate event, executing class and elegance, where the business has to talk for itself. Throw in marvelous bar service, the clients without a doubt will be eager to get in business with you.

12. Rodeo Night

rodeo night

Let’s bring out the inner cowboy/cowgirl. A rodeo night-themed event is something a lot of people will enjoy thoroughly. Be it your town’s festival, or a musical night. This wooden mobile bar stocked with great beers, and champagne will definitely make everyone yeehaw and dance to Miley Cyrus’s “Hoe-Down”.

13. Anniversary Surprise


What better way to surprise your significant other, than with a vintage-style mobile bar and bartender service all arranged outdoors. This is the perfect setup for a couple celebrating their 10 years milestone. With chilled champagne and a nice meal, your spouse will surely feel loved to the fullest.

14. Hi-Tea Haven

tea haven

Post-lunch-tea is just one need after a day’s work. Sipping a cup of warm comfort and chatting with your girlfriends will definitely evaporate all of one’s worry. Having a mobile tea bar will add that little oomph factor to one’s afternoon tea party. Plus a strong selfie game can go along perfectly.

15. 21st Birthday Bash

birthday bash

One’s 21st birthday is special as it legally permits one to drink and also paves the path to adulthood. And what better way to celebrate one’s legal birthday than with a birthday mobile cocktail bar. Stocked with a variety of cocktails, gin, champagne, and whatnot. Age 21 coming with a bang.

16. Container Pop-Up

container pop up bar

A container pop-up is an innovative idea that will make any business strategy fruitful. Having that modern twist and fun element will intrigue the clients. Stocked with great drinks and food, all in a container-inspired setup will most definitely capture the attention of many pedestrians.

17. Arctic Wonder

Artic Wonder

For all the ice King and Queens, this pop-up idea will call their inner iciness. Serving extra chilled champagne, cocktails, and frosty bites. With a stunning view, it will not only make the customers mesmerized but will accelerate one’s business to a whole new level. Now that’s what you call ‘thinking outside the box’.

18. Photo Prop

photo pop

A wedding is one of the best days of anybody’s life. And what better way to make that day even more special and fun for others, than a mobile bar photo prop style. Having an outdoor wedding on a farm or the beach with a mobile bar stocked with various cocktails and champagne. The guests having a blast as the bar serves as a great prop for pictures and drinks in hand is what all the reception is about. Pointers to all the couples for their future wedding.

19. Neon Pop-Up

Neon pop up bar

One can never go wrong with neon. Once you add that neon galore into a pop-up mix, extraordinary things are bound to happen. For the next brand or a product launch party, neon madness just will do the trick. Throw in a variety of beers, champagne, and cocktails. Any pop-up event will be a huge success as the audience will be drawn like moths.

20. Clothes And Clothes


“I have nothing to wear”. Every girl’s dilemma. Not to worry ladies. A fashion pop up is the therapy one needs when there is a fashion emergency. And what better way to attract the ladies than a clothing pop-up, igloo shaped. Not only will it boost sales for the brand, but will also make anyone’s shopping trip entertaining. Few bottles of champagne and cocktails to serve the lovely ladies will do just the trick.

21. Bachelor Party

Bachelor party

What better way to make your bachelor party spectacular than with a mobile bar. Stocked with booze, champagne, chilled of course, and with your pals throwing in light-hearted banter. Steel and wood interior, bartender service, and finger food will make any groom-to-be’s cold feet toasty warm.

22. Bringing The 90’s Back

90's events

A 90s themed party will make anyone bust their old school moves. And throw in a mobile bar stocked with nostalgic 90s drinks like Vodka, Lambrini Cherry, and White Ice. People in leather and dancing to disco music will make any event memorable.

23. Pumpkin Pop-up

pumkin pop up

All pumpkin fans will surely enjoy such a pop-up. Depending on how many pumpkin-inspired gourds are needed, each one can adjust 5 to 6 people. Decorated with fairy lights, stools or benches, and menus with special seasonal treats. Throw in some skeletons, bats, and scarecrows you will get Halloween vibes.

24. Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine's Day

Want to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s day? Say no more. Rent a mobile bar stocked with pink and gold-colored champagne. With floral decoration and bartender service or even self-service, flowers and chocolates, and a nice meal for dinner or lunch. This whole vibe will make anyone’s Valentine’s day super special. Plus point! It can be a prop that can be included in the photos for social media.

25. Fragrances Pop-up

fragrance pop up

Everyone has a signature scent that they prefer to be identified with. A red-colored theme pop-up for a fragrance like Chanel has used is a genius way to market and capture the attention of the masses. Instead of perfume, cocktails and champagne bottles are placed on counters. All the drinks come in red-colored bottles, displayed so that they are easily visible. This red-themed pop-up will make any liquor business become the talk of the town.

26. Farm Fun

Farm Fun

Plan a farm animals theme next with this mobile bar that comes with adorable little goats. Just their presence will make people come running towards the bar. All kinds of beverages, preferably beer, finger-licking fried food, and dancing along to country music is time well spent. Pictures with the baby goats is a bonus no one would want to miss.

27. Rainforest Fresh

rain forest bar

It’s summertime. Which means party time. A rainforest-inspired mobile bar and decor is the perfect setup for all those summer babes. This is also great for beach parties. To give that cool and very chill summer vibes. Cocktails and beers will do just fine for summer birthdays and beach parties.

28. Pirates Day

pirates day

Let me hear you say ‘Arrrr’. Pirate-themed mobile bar ideas will uplift any event. As once in a while, it feels good to be bad. Stocked with rum and beer, people dancing their shoes off metaphorically speaking, and a warm sunny day is just what the doctor ordered on the weekend.

29. Gender reveal

gender reveal

A child is always a blessing. Throw your girlfriend or sister fun and intimate gender reveal party or baby shower with mobile bar ideas decorated with ornaments celebrating motherhood. Mocktails, iced tea, and other non-alcoholic drinks would do.

30. Mothers Day Special

Mothers Day

Make Mother’s day special for mommy dearest by getting mobile bar ideas and a small family gathering in the backyard. This simple and yet vintage-styled bar will make any mother weep with joy for raising her kids just right.

Mommas also need to be treated with special surprises every once in a while. And a few cocktails and the finest wine would do no harm.

If you want to discuss one of these Mobile bar ideas for your next. Party, Contact Bar Brothers Events Ltd. Our team will help with all planning and execution of your event.

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